With the arrival of February, winter gradually went far away. The sunshine in the morning fell into the brow through the mist, warming the sleeping mood, and a warmth slowly penetrated into my heart from the sunshine in spring. Facing the sunshine in the morning, I took a deep and deep breath of fresh air. […]

Six Zero

People born in the middle and late 1960 s actually got the feeling of 1960 s from books when they were adults. The earliest time to enter their memory was 1970 s. After finishing the childish toddlers and babbling, I changed my open-backed pants and just got the ability to open my eyes to see […]

And Soul

Talking with the soul, being free and safe for many years, we have been escaping. Facing ourselves, we never know what to do, but I have to find that we are facing another self when I see you. Perhaps, the reason for becoming a good friend is just because of the same truth and purity. […]


I saw a bicycle far away with a man wearing a hat carrying a woman. The bike was swaying and not in a hurry at all, as if it had been a long time before passing me. It turned out to be an old man carrying an old woman and using an old bicycle. When […]


I have been idle at home for more than half a month, and I have been staying at home all the time. I can even count the number of times I go out with my fingers broken. It was not because of the bad weather, but because I was relatively suitable for traveling some days […]


A nightmare of the devil has not dispersed, the dead have grown up, and the living must be firm. My younger brothers helped the local people carry relief supplies on the day after the disaster and took active actions. It was said that they would go to Zhouqu again the day after tomorrow to undertake […]

Van Gogh

“The potato eater” is very ugly, but the early gaze and eyes have revealed Van Gogh’s extraordinary temperament and unique enchanting. Several people were surrounded by gloomy lights. Because of those people’s magical different expressions, they remembered the plot of friends having dinner together, the past when poor people kept silent in the furnace; Those […]


In Genesis, there was the beginning. God created the universe and Earth, which was chaotic and out of order. The roaring ocean was shrouded in darkness. God commanded: there must be light, the greatest creation of God appeared in Light was Adam and Eve. Since then, human beings were born and endowed them with seven […]

Try reading

On the New Year’s Eve of the Year of Tiger, the family got off the passenger plane in Hong Kong and Hangzhou and took the bus back to Taizhou. Along the way, the boat was tired, and everyone was sleepy. There are almost no other vehicles on the highway, and it seems that only the […]

In spring

In spring, Who Do You Think You Are? You are breaking the front and pulling the blue in the extreme danger. After touching his eyes and transcribing this sentence, he saw that the off-duty time was earlier. He came out from the dark corridor with silver light and stood on the famous street of this […]