A forgetful man, Sha Yue, lives at home. If you want to be a good man, you must be forgetful. Don’t bring home the troubles in social work. The leader gave a lesson, and the colleague ran a lot; He accidentally filled the wrong form, and was calculated 50 yuan in the business field; even […]


I bought a small house of 80 square meters in Wuyi town in Chuzhou, a city of Sanshui Zui, and lived there on vacation. -Time value Yangchun san yue. On a sunny and warm Sunday after the rain, my wife and I went to the countryside behind our building to pick wild vegetables. In fact, […]

Can’t find

When I came back to my hometown recently, I had to sort out some old things. The spider web at the door of that cabin had been torn apart by the wind and rain, and I felt a little sad in my heart. I had been traveling outside for so many years, the soul has […]