I often cherish that ancient time and land, that fascinating era. The fragrance of poetry is mixed in warm wind and drizzle, how can we not make people intoxicated! I always hope that there will be someone to listen to the bleak night rain with me. Unfortunately, there are countless night rains, but it is […]


We often hear such words: ordinary people are lazy, and it is difficult to have a career. But I have a relative who is not like this. I have a relative, an idol in my childhood. I have mentioned him before, which is my little uncle. When I was very young, he followed my father […]


If the years are quiet, then take care of your body and mind; If the time is cold, then keep your heart warm! Inscriptions pour a cup of aging of memory, then warm a period of clear past, lift a cup of wine, let the fingertips leave incense, let the fragrant fragrance fill the sleeves. […]

Look up

Looking up at the starry sky and looking at the stars, we can’t help imagining: thinking about the ancient legend; Thinking about the brilliance in the boundless interstellar space; Thinking about the mystery of the universe. Looking up at the starry sky, we will always look forward to it involuntarily, looking forward to a shining […]

Sit in

I really like the famous article “My Castle in the air” written by Li Lewei, a contemporary writer in Taiwan. I especially like such a sentence that I am in the cabin enjoying the happiness of the world, enjoying enough sleep and a beautiful dream every day. What a beautiful life! What kind of life […]


In order to vote for my classmate, I asked her phone and added my micro signal. When I entered the phone number that I had stopped using for a long time, I found that the address book name on her mobile phone was actually the overlap of my single name, while her Wechat nickname was […]


Memories are too heavy, words are too light, the friction between pen and paper rustling, but still beautiful. What I write down is time, memory; Feeling, ideal; Feeling that I haven’t seen for a long time and almost lost. The flying years hate the short time, and the misty rain songs in dreams are melancholy. […]

jiu yue

The fiery maple leaves drifted on the dry land one after another, floating between the eyebrows and a page in the heart. The weather, I don’t know when it will start, becomes cold, the air is filled with thin strands of cold, with inexplicable sadness, whether the heart has lost its direction. The overflowing dream […]

I and

On weekends, I invited my friends outside. Working and eating all day long, only on weekends is your own, you can arrange freely, fly freely, why not go outdoors to rest assured! We came to an unknown mountain. My friends and I lined up, closed our eyes and took a deep breath. The air was […]