Call you

It is normal to gather spirits without distracting. There are also times when you are out of control, but not as much as today. No matter how gorgeous the sunshine is, the breeze in the morning passes over the woods and blows on the high post, and your mind is always uneasy. The personnel in […]


Everyone’s soul will be vulnerable, there will be spiritual homes one by one, and there will be a safe haven for the soul, regardless of the age of the person, all need our mutual care and mutual support in our hearts. No matter whether their life is ordinary or great, they will experience all kinds […]

Don’t want

After dinner, I always like to go out for a walk. While walking, I look at it to see if there is a new grass growing out, and see if there are more flowers growing out and chuckled, I am not looking for garbage, I am looking for some little joy! Even if it is […]

Road of love

During the Spring Festival, the cold wave hit people, making their teeth tremble. It was even worse at night. When I didn’t go to Liangshan Mountain, I was a Southerner. The South was relatively warmer, so I was very afraid of the cold. The roaring snow wind blew cracks on my face, feeling itchy. I […]


Just after going out to handle the case with the old director, other comrades on duty had fallen asleep. Only I sat alone in front of my desk and finished the writing of the 13th “colorful rope” of the series of prose “homesickness Diary. At this moment, the thick homesickness flew back to wangjiayao village, […]


The young girl’s heart, the beauty of the young girl, and the growth of the stack year after year are the manifestation of her growing up gradually, which is as fragrant as flowers, fragrant and attractive as sound. She grows up through the tender stairs, how many ups and downs, the era of keeping pace […]


I admire nature and escape into nature, which has always been my eternal complex. I gradually get up early and walk. In the early morning of early winter, there was a deep chill in the air. When the door was opened gently, a thick fog and cold rushed in, as if the door was pushed […]