When people reach a certain age, there is inevitably some nostalgia. Especially in our generation, when dealing with students every day, we can always find the shadow of yesterday from them. In a flash, I found that my youth had already faded away, forgetting that I was getting older day by day. When I met […]


I like listening to the sound of rain. I seem to be a wisp of soul in the rain, wandering in the rain. The sound beating on the object died quietly in the rain and was born quietly in the rain. The Daisy on the hillside floated to somewhere with the gentle stroke of rain, […]

Let fatigue

After a sleep, the sun outside the window shone into the room. The sun that had not been seen for many days finally showed a smiling face, which added a lot of warmth to this changeable spring. I don’t know what’s going on this spring, especially the cold air is not good either. People stay […]