In a trance, wake up. Time is like what I said. I haven’t had time to count my memory before I was fifteen years old. Can’t remember. There are many people in this world. Various. Thousands of millions. I can’t balance anyone. Sure. You also. Totally different memories. There are many unknowns hidden, which cannot […]

The road

A person, from the zygote, embryo, shaping, breeding, to the birth of a baby, young child, youth, adult, a girl transformed into a woman, in these periods, will experience a lot of ups and downs, it is also because there will be difficulties and frustrations in the journey that makes life more meaningful. Then the […]


I sat in the dark night. In fact, I was also afraid of being swallowed by the dark night. In others’ eyes, I am really strong. But others don’t know that I am weaker than anyone else. Inscription my height is 168, and I have spent more than two years in double ten years, damn […]