Wake up and look at the time. It’s not until six o’clock. The morning of the new year was really cold, so I covered up the quilt and wanted to sleep for a while. However, the dream of the night was shocking after thinking about it, and I couldn’t fall asleep any more. In a […]

I am

Cicada has been in the soil for seven years, and it can only live for seven days after breaking the ground. The cicada on the eighth day, however lonely, still chose to work hard and live without giving up. The melody played in my heart depicts the figure I wish to think about, follows the […]

Spring *

Why is there a little coolness when the breeze blows over the face? A touch of fingertips, wet, feels salty. I always see the camphora trees on both sides of the road shed leaves in spring, which may also be one of them. It is obvious that they have passed the severe winter. Walking on […]


If life is the Maple Leaf after the new rain in the empty mountain, then my life is a Orchid hiding behind it and watching far away. For a long time, I, who is independent in life, would rather be abandoned by life than stand out from the crowd in the secular world, because that […]


Fact, all. I am really like him. Him. It is the most stable one among them. Unlike other people who are ambiguous with many girls. But it’s not that I never get close to other girls. His friends are always laughing. And he always kept silent aside. Sometimes, I just think. Is there no one […]


As soon as the spring day arrived, the winter cold was still chilly. The memory of childhood in my sleep flew in suddenly. The singing like swallows woke me up from my dream, and my thoughts returned to the real existence, it turned out that the winter bird was singing outside the window in the […]

Goods autumn

Autumn is getting deeper and deeper, the wind is rustling again, and the water in the Blue Pool is cold. A pool of water lily withered her charming face, and the turtle, treasure and fish princess who was afraid of the cold also hid in the deep water and disappeared. The coldness of autumn and […]