er yue

The village in February was mixed with a trace of coldness in the mild rising sun. With the alternation and lightness of spring, the winter jasmine on the roadside is a kind of light goose yellow and a kind of light sadness. The soft wind crossed the mountain and came with the fragrance of Spring […]


On the way back to the lab after dinner, students who were ready to leave school with suitcases could be seen everywhere. Those who didn’t pull suitcases were twos and threes, floating around like losing their souls. I raised my head and saw trains galloping from distant places in a trance, singing flute and smoking […]


I cried when I got up early in the morning to watch TV. Moved by the tranquil life between an ordinary couple, although they are not rich, even their bodies are incomplete. His wife was healthy, 1.68 tall, and dignified; Her husband was a disabled person, and his lower body was completely paralyzed, with a […]


In the spring two years ago, I came to Langzhong, which I had never heard of before. In the spring one year ago, I dared to write down my feelings about Langzhong for the first time. This year, it was another spring. After I tasted all the tastes of life, I finally got my wish […]


In the early days, I seldom thought about the problem of high heels and low heels. I thought more about different mountains, different landscapes, and different mountains and rivers. But sometimes, if you think about it seriously, you can still be more profound. For example, what a person feels when standing on the top of […]