In the past, festivals were the best reward. Because only when the festival comes can we have time to rest during the hard work. With the change of some professions, festivals gradually become the most boring time. Looking at the scene of crowds outside, even if you want to go out for a while, after […]


The author of “poetry and soul”: the third child, May 7th, 2015, 20:46… recalling the past Chinese years and the nostalgia of tourists all the way. Beautiful pastoral style. Blue Air. The clear spring water is so sweet. The past years are gone forever. Nowadays, the temptation of reality is destroying the environment. Earth pollution. […]

Twilight province

In my opinion, education is to guide the existing things in students’ souls into something that is not available there. I don’t call it education. I called immune from other. Having seen many explanations and understandings of education from people at all times and in all over the world, I am only fond of the […]

And you

The drizzle in midsummer is trickle, just like the petals that have been scattered in your heart, waving one after another, wet your memory, and the line of Friendship connects me and you. According to your appointment, I will accompany you all the way. You don’t know where to start. Standing by the bridge, your […]


Thinking that one afternoon, I just did nothing, just sitting quietly, listening to songs, writing and writing, and letting all my thoughts fly thousands of miles away and ignore them. Maybe when it comes to a special season, all the mess will burst out with the accumulation of the past, which can not restrain the […]


Happiness in ordinary life Wang Huiping I have always thought that happiness is a kind of peace in a happy family, intoxicated in a quiet and quiet life, and presents a kind of calm and mature, it is a pleasure to immerse yourself in ordinary life! I like my job, because I know that women […]


I have never seen wisteria. I live in the cold and remote north. In the dream of half asleep and half awake, purple flowers are covered with winding vines. It is not as gorgeous as Peony, but dazzling and brilliant. It is not as straightforward as the summer sunshine, dazzling and dazzling. It flows with […]

At least

Lin Yilian also has at least one lyric in you: and you are here, which is the miracle of life. In fact, the miracle in life is more than just you. The miracle in life is because of you. Today, because of his carelessness when taking the bus, his wallet was taken away by someone […]