Late autumn

Late Autumn, a flash of rain sprinkles on the pavilion. The Sill chrysanthemum is sparse, the well Wu is messy, causing residual smoke. Sad, Wangjiang pass, flying clouds dim sunset. Song Yu felt sad at that time, facing the water and climbing the mountain. The pedestrians were sad and tired to listen to the long […]

Don’t want

In the evening, I went to the bookstore for another round. The book about goals was always on the second floor. A few years ago, I spent the most time there. I can’t remember how long I didn’t stay there, maybe I was busy, or maybe it was casual. Maybe it is true that I […]


You only know my name, but you don’t know my story or the scenery I have traveled all the way. Inscription I like listening to songs, but seldom sing. I like ink painting, but seldom paint. I like writing, but seldom write. I once thought that in my busy life, I should write something to […]


Retired, very disappointed. It has been 30 years since I entered the township government at the age of 20 and retired at the age of 50. Thirty years, 10,905 ten days, very long. Thirty years, it’s very short. Thirty years of past, thirty years of bitter, sour and sweet, and many stories of thirty years […]