Normally speaking, an epidemic or cold cold is not a big deal. It takes three or five days at least and ten or eight days at most, which is good. However, that kind of uncomfortable strength could not be worse. Cough, asthma, heavy head and feet, and sore body. Then go to the hospital or […]


Often in the dead of night, when summarizing the gains and losses of a stage, I would sigh with emotion that I really took too many detours along the way. When chatting with friends, I also said that it would be better if someone could take it on the road of life. I just thought […]


Sitting quietly on the platform of three feet, there was heavy snow flying all over the sky outside the window, and there were ninety-nine children of twelve or thirteen years old under the platform. At this time, they were immersed in thinking, we will feel the magic nature is giving us at this moment with […]


Life is like a pot of wine, the more mellow the taste of Yue pin; Life is like a cup of tea, the more delicious the taste of Yue pin; Life is like a picture, the more beautiful the picture of Yue pin is like a fairyland! In one’s life, there are many ups and […]


On the letter pad of years, there is a flowing green. The blue sky, like a thin cloud, purifies your eyes, making my heart quiet and warm. Children, only when I think of you, my mother’s heart will show a baby-like smile. I know that love with blood thicker than water can surpass any oath […]

Spring sleep

I always think March is the best month of the year. If I color all the months, I think March must be pink. When I see March, I will think of the peach blossom. The wind in March is very soft, and the wind is not cold on the face; The rain is very thin, […]


Sometimes I also feel that the hurried time will take something away, just like taking away the silt from the river. I can see nothing at the end of the long river, and I don’t know whether the silt has sunk to the bottom, still wandering, or maybe mixed with water mist sublimated. How far […]


For a long time, the favorite word is Nalan rongruo’s life. If it is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind sad painting fan? If life is just like the first sight, what a good picture it should be, the warmth at the first sight, it is always fixed on the canvas […]

qin xue

I like listening to the dream of winter. Although the wilderness is still full of ice and snowy countryside. After leaving the incense, I missed and played, and remembered the silhouette of the past. He Zeng held hands in hand, and the Horn of the sheep was flat in the mist; The reserved daughter, the […]


At the same time of knocking these two words, it was drizzling outside the window. The so-called sporadic light rain is the kind of rain that is neither tight nor slow, and the rain is small but not dense. When encountering such kind of rain, I usually react like this. Firstly, quiet life, stranded my […]