The North Wind and Blizzard performed the dance music together finally came to an end, and the world welcomed the first sunny night sky after snow. Originally, the gray clouds piled up in the sky suddenly disappeared, and the stars shot a little cold light from the distant sky. The crescent moon hung in the […]

College entrance examination

I have known since I was young that my birth was not noble. Going to school is my only way out. Most people in the village are illiterate. In their eyes, there are only two universities, one is Tsinghua University and the other is Peking University. But maybe everyone has a flashy dream in his […]


Lonely tan ying day long, wu zhuan xing yi a few degrees autumn. Where are the disciples in the Pavilion today? The Yangtze River flows outside the barrier. Streamer is easy to throw people, red cherry, green plantain. Where have 2015, our time and our youth gone? There is no trace of time, my thoughts […]


Once again, I read the log “the wisdom of putting down” written by the netizen Lao Mao. When I thought about the review, four words appeared in my mind: fading the obsession. Buddha also said that bitterness is not bitterness, happiness is not happiness, it is just a temporary obsession. If you hold on to […]

And you

Gently lift a corner of Spring, spread a pool of ink fragrance, and banish love with the tapping of your fingertips. 55 bright and vivid smiling faces gradually became clear and fresh in front of my eyes with the joys and sorrows of the words, and spoke to me gently. China is an ancient country […]