In ink

Maybe everyone has one or several unrealized dreams, which make you spend your whole life pursuing. Life is only the beauty that comes out, but not the glory that comes out. Without painstaking efforts, there would be no dazzling brilliance. I remember a story whose main idea was that there were two stones, one of […]

It cry

But secretly, it was very sad. How to reduce it for you, but it is deeply rooted in your flesh and blood. Constantly sink and melt. Who gives you the quiet, leave it beside you. Just like everlasting, quiet, even the world can not see. The trace of searching, there is breath of suffocation. In […]


I have always been reluctant to delve into the industry, because in my heart, it takes a long time for an industry to go deep, some of which may take 5 or 8 years. Therefore, I think it is OK for a person to understand an industry, not too much. So every time my friends […]