If the years are quiet, then take care of your body and mind; If the time is cold, then keep your heart warm! Inscriptions pour a cup of aging of memory, then warm a period of clear past, lift a cup of wine, let the fingertips leave incense, let the fragrant fragrance fill the sleeves. […]


1 many nights in my childhood were accompanied by a wonderful moon. When we panted to a nearby state-owned factory to watch a movie, the moon in the sky followed us. When we watched those movies of beating Devils with relish, the moon leaned against the roof of the building to rest. However, when we […]


The old house is really too old. In the center of the old house, a portrait of five milk was hung. Every day, the fifth master was alone, staring at the portrait in a daze. The narrow dirt road was as small as the hemp rope in Grandpa’s hand. I walked back and forth for […]

The early

Don’t mention the little emperor, it is just a picture that is arbitrary and unreasonable and can do nothing, only asking for and not working. With the change of the environment, the little emperor’s later life will also show a different life. In 1985, an article entitled “A large group of little emperors” was published […]