In Genesis, there was the beginning. God created the universe and Earth, which was chaotic and out of order. The roaring ocean was shrouded in darkness. God commanded: there must be light, the greatest creation of God appeared in Light was Adam and Eve. Since then, human beings were born and endowed them with seven […]


It has been almost ten days since the mid-autumn festival. The sun was shining every day before, and these rainy days came one after another. Especially today, the dripping rain is falling down. The trees on the hillside are washed by the rain in the past few days and the grid is fresh and bright. […]

You in

Spring breeze such as guest, a to the bustling! The warm breeze made passers-by linger. The green, the powder and the quiet spring water all made people sigh the charm of spring! Come to sweep thousands of mountains and snow, and leave flowers to all nations! In the fields of the countryside, there are still […]

Years Kong-style

Finally, they kept disappearing from my sight. I squatted reluctantly on the horse-tied stone at the gate of the street, crying secretly. When I woke up, the corner of the pillow was gently wet by tears. The crying in my dream would not disturb many people, but the heartbreaking sound could only be heard in […]


To Nanchang, take the 02:20 train to Fujian, so I got up early in the morning. After 08:30 in the morning, the car dealership was between Poyang, Jiangxi and Nanchang, with a glimpse of the heart. Guest Bar, galloping on the highway, wearing my body and soul, comforting my wish, to complete this journey of […]


Since the words came into my heart quietly, that kind of emotion surging like a tide could no longer converge. The tide of my heart flowed with sad words on the beach. I walked barefoot, feeling cold and cold, I don’t know when to start life, accompanied by words, lonely through spring, summer, autumn and […]


Yesterday, I saw a piece of news on the Internet: a professional female beggar asked for traveling expenses at the Nanjing subway entrance, with an average daily income of 1,000 yuan. This news caught my attention, because it was so consistent with the prose I was about to write, I read it carefully. According to […]


Years quiet, time old. A landscape of a Chinese years, I chapters of a moment, shake off the story, hurrying to and sorrows, too late to appreciate a Taohong, guess Wu impenetrable leaf autumn wind, blink of an eye, with back removed the fleeting time. The quiet night, sitting in a window, open the dust-laden […]