In the Midnight Dream, the sunflower planted by myself was swaying in the wind, telling me its feelings. I woke up with tears streaming down my face. I don’t know whether my old father is still watering the sunflower that I planted in front of the door by myself, or whether my old mother is […]


Spring is warm and flowers bloom, and the temperature rises. I want to tidy up the winter clothes of the past season and make room to hang up the light spring clothes. I opened the wardrobe, and there was a dark red leather suitcase inside, which was very prickly. Seeing things and thinking about people, […]

xue qu

It is really the end of the year, the TV is playing up, the New Year goods in the neighbor’s house are piled up, and the joy of friends returning home is filled with, which makes me always feel compelled by time, when I was turning the calendar page by page, a large number of […]


People say that everyone has a surrounding city in his heart, but I don’t want to escape. On the bus, I think if I can stay at school all the time, I am not willing to come out. During my two-year college career, I did not leave school, if not necessary. Near seven o’clock, the […]


2015 nian 6 yue 9 ri, Bijie city Guizhou province Tian Kan Xiang CI bamboo village 4 children take pesticide after rescue invalid death. Four children, one male and three female, the largest of which is only 12 years old. Nowadays, this event is full of all kinds of media. The Survival, living status and […]


I once taught a teacher’s child, who was talkative, capable, ambitious and courageous. I once talked with her about teachers and her dreams for the future. She said that she would not be a teacher even if she was killed. This sentence hurt me deeply, but it also made me reflect on the profession of […]


Today is the last day of 2012. It is windy and sunny. Sitting in the warm Hall, I took a look at my mood. I felt both slight loss and deep warmth in my heart. The cycle of four seasons, spring, summer, autumn harvest, winter collection. Isn’t life like this? At this age, we have […]


There are still some days when the New Year’s Day of 2015 comes. An impatient acquaintance sent a text message to celebrate the new year. The message of the festival rhymes in accordance with the rut and is smooth and auspicious. You turn to me, I turn to you, and finally I can’t figure out […]