I heat

I am read the articles written by teacher Jiang Nanfeng, and along with his trace, he smelt his poetic charm all the way to find the prose online. I have been intoxicated in the prose online almost all day these days, lingering, obsessed with beautiful articles and throbbing in good sentences. Here, there are a […]


Unconsciously, time had left in a hurry, just as Zhu Ziqing described in a hurry. Ten years old looking forward to twelve years old, when I was twelve years old looking forward to sixteen years old flower season seventeen years old rainy season, but accidentally to 19 years old, looking back to the beautiful flower […]


If the coarse tea and light rice can raise my common heart, then the life wandering in the fragrance of ink and calligraphy can add poetic flavor to the years and add a taste and love of life at the same time. This was the case before, especially after. There is no doubt that life […]


(1) most of the things are limited, and the so-called infinite can only be to some extent. The term of the year has passed, and the time dimension of the year has opened the door. I met and lost all the way. A well-written story has never been deduced. There were also high-profile swearing and […]

Money really

Suddenly I feel that I am really old. Children grow up day by day, but they slowly become late day by day. Not only does their memory decrease a lot, but also their reaction ability is very weak. Learning things is getting slower and slower, and I can’t remember them all the time. I feel […]


As soon as I got to work this morning, teacher Wu in the office asked me a question: Mr. Kang, do you know what “Tai Sui” is? I dare not answer directly, because I really can’t say clearly, only know that it is a very magical thing. However, it is also because I know that […]


The scenery along the way flashed outside the window, shaking my eyes a little dizzy. I was still unwilling to give up this rare opportunity of viewing. I leaned on the car window with my arms on my cheek, staring out of the window at the beauty that was fleeting and even too late to […]


It has always been the fine tradition of the Chinese people to hope for success. In this case, there seems to be no difference between the rich and the poor. In addition to the hope that their children can stand out, this is only one aspect of it, but there is also the suspicion that […]

Small village

The small village in my memory, every dusk. Standing on the roof of your own house, looking around, it is full of vitality. The smoke surrounded the rows of buildings, as well as the people who herded cattle and returned home, the people who took a small bucket to drench vegetables, the grandmothers and grandfathers […]


April is coming to an end, and the South is already full of summer. Facing the hot sun, the exquisite and unique sunshade just bought came in handy. Two days ago, Mei, a client friend from Sinkiang, walked around the jade market for a few times. The air was hot and dry, and my friend […]