Write spring

In the era of large groups, there were few printed spring couplets sold on the market. In the early stage of reform and opening up, the printed Spring Festival couplets could only be one of the luxuries that only the national cadre families could enjoy economically. Ordinary farmers still bought red paper and asked others […]

Dream non-

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting on the boss’s chair in the office, reading Lu Xun’s essays quietly with reading glasses. Maybe it took me a little longer to read books and my eyes became a little sour, so I closed the books, he stretched himself, stood up and walked to the window, looking at the […]


The bloody canyang dragged a long figure and gradually escaped away from the distant Camel Bell. The green grass overflowed the cobblestone paved exquisite and delicate path. The towering trees on the roadside covered the sky over the ancient road, in this empty valley, the ancient road is like a fallen giant lying quietly in […]


As soon as one’s heart is idle, he will feel that nothing is a matter. No matter it is today or tomorrow, life will be idle. For example, when the wind blows, he will lie on the window and watch the wind blankly. Watching the wind blowing from the south, passing across the vast field, […]


Every time I see old couples resting on the tree-lined bench with snow covering their heads for dozens of years, every time I see young mother in gorgeous clothes strolling on the small and medium-sized Road in the garden with flowers and flowers, when Shier bent down and bowed his back and murmured with the […]


The season has reached the end of the year, the winter in the northwest border of the motherland, the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees. I walked out of the house with heating, and a chill came. I couldn’t help shivering a few times, and my mood became cold with it, so I walked aimlessly […]


22 years ago, my hometown and countryside were living in poverty. Besides the meager several mu of responsibility farmland, farmers made a living in order to supply the daily living expenses, every family feeds a small number of poultry and livestock. At that time, I just graduated from school and entered the society. The main […]

si yue

April, the season of happiness and sorrow (the 11th issue of selected writers) article/Ma Jiu (QQ:598849504) early in the morning, I just got up and found four or five cicadas were flying around in the room, maybe they want to go back to nature and have lost their way. Only a few days before you […]