Finally, I can take advantage of the holiday to sort out those trivial words. Who ever thought that my thoughts flew so far this spring. Chunhang always has to find a reason for Chunhang: go to a flower banquet, watch peach blossoms spread over the whole village, and listen to swallows whispering on the eaves. […]


I am very strong and do not need your comfort. Really, dear, I did not shed tears, sad or heartbroken. I am not afraid, sad, regretful or regretful. I fold your letters together, the height of love. The weight of three years, sweet memories. Today, I am very strong. Dear, you have gone, gone, an […]


Stroll National Day might distress, wandering too long, and impatient time pause, give me a break. With urgent heart head into the National Day holiday in. Rhododendron thunder after, first day of national day of charming autumn sun slip-sweep sky haze, opened holiday a good luck. Avoid hot attractions, chose a popular of Jiuhua Tianchi […]


I rode a bicycle to the old mountain for a while. I met a girl walking alone in the Peach Blossom Pool and asked me how to get out of the mountain and take a bus? There is a driving school deep in the old mountain. She came out of the driving school. I was […]

Of the sea

The first time I met the sea was in the 1980 s. At that time, the experience of being a soldier made me sit on the passenger ship from Shanghai to Qingdao to visit relatives. At that time, I passed by in a hurry, and my understanding of the sea was shallow. What made me […]


If life is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind sad painting fan. This is the classic verse of the famous poet Nalan Xingde in Qing Dynasty. Yes, what a happy thing it would be if one’s life only remained in the beauty of the first encounter! However, in the rolling world […]