Wen/Han Yu stood in front of the window, looking at the dark night. The brightest star in the starry sky! Do you still remember our words? The stars are shining with faint light, which makes me find a glimmer of hope in the darkness. Under that night sky, you and I once pointed at the […]


There is always a trace of warmth left in my heart, remembering those stops, struggles, glory, or unknown happiness. I know that one day it will disappear. I always carry the beauty to commemorate the warmth I once had, the fleeting years, and the warmth with smile-written in the city in June in front of […]

Look up

Are you used to living? Eat better! Can’t be a vegetarian! If I want to work part-time, I will definitely allow it. This is the director’s voice. And the former security guard, once when I fell down and knocked over his bike, he ran out to help me up and said, “it’s good that people […]

Do a

The candle light on the cake was swaying, and with my daughter’s tender blessing, my 46th birthday came as scheduled. My daughter laughed and asked my mother to tell the past style, so I opened the photo album. The memory then lingered and slided slowly at my fingertips. In the first photo after graduation, I […]