Banana Boat is neither Jing Nan’s description of the moon nor Jing Nan’s favorite fruit shape. Banana Boat is actually an academic noun, which is a visualized statement of normal hearing range graph during hearing test. Because of the enlarged symptoms of the vestibule Aqueduct, the doctor who mainly diagnosed Jing Nan’s ear disease told […]


One I am an introverted and low-key man, who is speechless and clumsy in expression. Sometimes he is silent and calm, and even gives people the feeling of being dull. But I don’t know when I started to write casually. Years are long, unconsciously, a few not long experiences are brewing and forming. Excited, he […]


(1) most of the things are limited, and the so-called infinite can only be to some extent. The term of the year has passed, and the time dimension of the year has opened the door. I met and lost all the way. A well-written story has never been deduced. There were also high-profile swearing and […]

Sorrow percents

Looking forward to a performance of fireworks and making a vow to laugh out the spring breeze. I have seen the blue smoke and looked at it for thousands of years. I was blamed for being in danger and waiting for leisure. I missed the first inscription (1) I sighed lightly. I missed the time […]