For many years, the noise in the world has disturbed me, and I really want to choose a quiet place to place my soul. Let the soul release itself and Bloom its inner elegance. In this way, I feel more quiet; Secondly, I can have a home. It won’t be possible to run east and […]


Love talking about teachers’ life □shu Yan chose the normal major, which was destined to be engaged in the education career in his whole life, and it was impossible to make a choice. Of course, there are also people who change jobs from the teaching team. That is, he does not focus on the profession […]


In winter, we have to pass a college on our way to work. Recently, every time buses enter this platform, a group of students who are full of luggage and in a hurry will pour into the platform with a little care, you can see the pace of returning home from the expressions with a […]


Looking up at the sky, you can’t find a star; Looking down at the ground, you can’t find a way. It seems that life will always go through such a period, with rainy rain and heavy mist. You can’t see the past or the future clearly. Everything seems to be covered with a layer of […]


Freedom is what people yearn for most. But it is hard to get it. Most of the time it is our way of thinking and behavior that makes the imprisoned soul unable to fly. In fact, as long as you make some changes, even if you change a little angle, turn a corner, or walk […]


To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the business model in the past. I always thought that everyone would know this thing without learning, just like selling vegetables, putting up a stall, if we have money, we can make a wholesale, or we can build a greenhouse and grow vegetables by ourselves. But […]


Aba prefecture in Sichuan was known when learning the history of revolution. In my impression, it was a wild land with harsh environmental conditions, which brought many hardships to the Long March of the Red Army of the Communist Party of China, the main reason for choosing such a place was the weak defense of […]


I always want to make life a poem, sometimes simple, sometimes delicate, but unexpectedly, life has become a song without melody, sometimes unreliable, sometimes out of tune. In these leisure days, I always want to write something and replace the boring life with a little busyness. As a result, when I wanted to write something, […]