Banana Boat is neither Jing Nan’s description of the moon nor Jing Nan’s favorite fruit shape. Banana Boat is actually an academic noun, which is a visualized statement of normal hearing range graph during hearing test. Because of the enlarged symptoms of the vestibule Aqueduct, the doctor who mainly diagnosed Jing Nan’s ear disease told […]


Gongyuan on September 24th of the lunar calendar in 1968th, zi shi, a baby was born in a poor family in Shaoyang, Hunan. His grandmother named him Wu Xiaolin, implying that he could become a small forest in the future. However, forty-seven years later, this guy named Wu Xiaolin didn’t become a forest or a […]

I only

I want to go far away, travel and wander. I just want to be alone, carrying my luggage and quietly stepping on the journey to find my paradise. Years are quiet, I just want someone. Leaving the hustle and bustle of traffic, stepping on every inch of the land I ‘ve been longing for, sucking […]


In the magnificent and rolling historical flood, in the historical process of changing dynasties in the last thousand years, there were countless heroes and heroes. Great leaders judged the situation and made great efforts to twist Qian Kun to be all-powerful and prominent for a while. They are a generation of Tianjiao, who have repeatedly […]


Recalling (essay) at the end of the year, the bell rang, the bell rang, and the bell rang. We had a really happy life……. Time flies so fast. Just after the happy Christmas, it is the end of the year of the Horse in 2014. The Bell of the new year in 2015 is about […]

To left

Look at you on the left and see you on the right. Yingshan red flowers on your cheeks, bringing surprises of the mountains in spring. Yun Yan Yi Yi, gently bring away the tiredness, bring a light bamboo forest clear sound. Bamboo shoots are pecking through the soil, peeping at the lingering face of the […]


Facing countless lost nights, too many emotions, too many associations, too many memories and many profound changes in life are directly related to this. I remember that I once wrote such a poem in a prose poem. Night is the soil of my life and dream is the cradle for me to realize my ideal. […]


Time flows like a mess, thick and slowly, bearing all the joy and sorrow. The cigarette butts between the index finger and the middle finger seemed to be filled with worries, and slowly disappeared in the endless void silently, which made people feel a little sad. Standing on the shore of time, I saw a […]