Time always goes by quietly. After a long winter, I suddenly look back at the end of spring. In the warm and warm season, the flowers bloom and thank again, and the flowers still bloom again after Thanks. It seems that countless splendors will continue to show prosperity and loneliness every day. Although spring is […]


What is love? Although I have written numerous talks about love in space and several diaries about love, when my friend asked me this question, I still thought for a long time and didn’t know how to answer it. What is love? Love is an eternal topic. For thousands of years, countless literati and writers […]


If I once said the beginning, then please believe that every Beginning of mine has a different meaning, and I also believe that every beginning is special, even if those beginning seem so ordinary in 1993, I don’t know whether summer is far away or autumn is just coming. I can’t know the specific moment, […]


Youth, lost but no longer exists lucky who can speak about youth accurately, what is youth? Is it energetic, decadent and irritable, or capricious? We hold the youth in our hands and squander it wildly. We always pretend to be very old, as if we have seen through the hot and cold world. In fact, […]

“And other

Everything was accidental. Once we met by chance, a little colleague gave the old master a set of literature books. My little colleague specially told me when delivering the book: it is worth seeing! The old master was not so obsessed with literature as I was, so he handed the book to me when he […]