I often read newspapers and books. When I read some leftover men and women or other love stories, I cannot help sighing that they are struggling for great love in their lives, and when they fail to pursue it, some chose to die. Life is precious. Life can’t stand the test of time and frustration […]

My most

I once wrote a story about love. I have also read many stories about love. There is the desolation of where will die and the earthshaking beauty. There is a shock of falling in love at first sight, as well as the endurance of years of care. Love, no matter in that era, has thousands […]


In the morning, I suddenly received the notice of power outage, and the company had a holiday. I was already on the way and lost my direction instantly. So he parked the car on the side of the road, and hit the double jump. The hot air conditioner screamed. Just like that summer, I lay […]

See don’t

Time flies like an arrow, the Sun and the moon fly like a shuttle, and the season turns again unconsciously. Suddenly, I find that the hot summer has gradually gone away, and it is another autumn of the year. This rich and quiet season was dancing in the cool wind. She waved gently with strong […]


When listening to the lecture of poet Yang Xiuli in Putu, I began to write down, thinking of the “gift” written by Polish poet mivosh: such a happy day/fog dispersed early in the morning, I am working in the garden …… now I want to say: at such a happy moment, I sit quietly listening […]

Walk Alone

Maybe my heart falls into the distant mountains with the setting sun, and I always like to walk in the light breeze and dusk, looking at the mountains submerged by the sun, as if I am pursuing something: the past, the present and the future; Happy streams, the swaying branches are still the lost self. […]

si yue

From placing my home at the foot of Nanshan Mountain, I had an indissoluble bond with the peach forest on the slope. The peach forest was like a lover who made me look forward to it in the winter and appreciate and praise the peach blossom in the cold spring, peach blossom is the earliest […]


There are scenery along the way. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw your parents smiling happily. When I was five years old, I went to the auditorium to watch a movie that night. I pretended to be asleep. You carried me behind your back, said and smiled, and went home with your feet […]

No Xu

In a flash, the taste of the year is getting farther and farther, and the spring tide is approaching. After a carnival, the days will eventually return to calm. Unlike the green one downstairs in the office, which is evergreen all the year round, the inner entanglement about movement and quietness is like the transition […]