River bank

Gray sky, cold wilderness. The chill was going to break into the heart deep in the hiding place. With the wild path along the river bank, the only place is hesitant, and the twists and turns lead to seclusion. The curved path is like the tortuous road of life. No matter how sharp you are, […]

Cold and warm

I am an introvert, I am not used to expressing my inner thoughts in the space. Occasionally, there are only a few mood words, which may bring a little bit, but I still like to bury my heart deeply. Because I have never experienced it, I don’t know how deep a person’s attachment to another […]


Perhaps, under the hot summer sun, watching the bright summer flowers, the green covering the Earth and the birds soaring in the sky, there are also many thoughts in my heart. Like layers of clouds, like threads, always want to sort out, but found that, wrote a lot of whispers. Let this Whisper be like […]