Wen/Ren Zuoping QQ524922862 in the morning, the cool wind, the feeling of cold blowing on the body, but had to complete a mission, a program, a rule of life, the so-called work, day after day, has become a habit of life, a chapter, have to integrate into the same crowd, in order to make a […]


The car went round and round on the Panshan Road to Shennongjia, making people fall asleep. Fortunately, one or two families could be found next to the circling Road, in front of the low and worn brick houses, occasionally, the flowers and trees they planted gave me a boost. I called out their names in […]


This story happened in modern times, which was the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2014. A scholar drunk beside Su Di had a bizarre dream the night before. There was a portrait of Su Dongpo in his central room, in his dream, he clearly saw Su Dongpo walking down from the painting. He looked at the sky. […]


I am loved Ba Jin. I can’t remember when it started. When I used to be, especially when I wanted to write something, I encouraged myself to recall, but the years were so persistent to people that I could remember them, that was still a good thing, but the problem was that I didn’t know […]


First, in my memory, there are two places called lakes. One is Qinghai Lake, the other is Daming Lake. It is said that they are not lakes in the strict sense. Qinghai Lake, Xue Xiaochan said, that was a blue tear in her heart. Great Lake. Lao She said that although it was one of […]


Hearing people talking about the characters’ mental journey in The Legend of Miyue, the story is permeated with more emotion and heart tightly tangled and interceded, which is like the first sight when spring blossoms and catkins are dancing, it is also like the warm embrace under the hazy Autumn Moon and the lingering feeling […]


At night, a man searched the TV station aimlessly to watch some good TV series, and occasionally turned to the TV series “How to Play”. The sweet smiling faces of male and female hosts attracted me, I continued to read the story, and the plot was too much to stop. I was moved by the […]


Every time around Qingming Festival, the world suddenly becomes busy. Trees are busy making branches and leaves, decorating the beauty of spring with pieces of broken jade. All kinds of flowers are competing to open, competing for excellence and beauty, looking forward, attracting bees and butterflies. Swallows spread their wings diagonally and shuttling back and […]


Life is a long and arduous journey. Alternation in different seasons, interweaving in different life attitudes, driving in different life goals, life presents different travel feelings. The journey is used to experience the happiness of life, such as high mountains and flowing water, blue sea and blue sky, red flowers and green willows, pavilions and […]

Grew up

Waiting for you to understand the hope in your mother’s heart, waiting for you to know the necessity and cause of life. The days are passing through your fingertips day by day. You finally grow up slowly in your mother’s longing eyes until you have full wings and look at you, whether mother should have […]