Low eyebrow

Maybe because it is a woman, she always likes to face the world with a light mood, like the light fragrance, light color, like to show people with a light smile, even music also likes the light melody, in this life, I only hope to be a light woman, not flaunting, not indulgence, with a […]

A tree

The bird flew from the forest here to the tree there, and suddenly bent the slender treetop. It was tepid to walk to such a field in July, without the passion of May. After all, it was calm. When the cicadas were ringing behind you, did your Heart Lake have waves? This morning, I saw […]

A curtain

A curtain of dreams on the bus this morning, there were not many people, but there were no seats left. As soon as I got on the bus, I found a slightly empty territory and stood up, looking out of the window bored: outside the window, the drizzle was misty. Trees, houses and people in […]

After Will

How many thoughts are running around in the bleak autumn wind, and the gradually cooler temperature cannot convey a concern. I don’t know whether you have grown up now and whether you can accept this slight cold with your strength? Perhaps, I have been lonely for too long, and I have stored too much enthusiasm […]


Fu Sheng is only suitable for the old, and the snow is full of Chang’an Road. My old friend raised the platform early in the evening and gave me a plum in spring in Jiangnan. This song “Yu Meiren. Send to the public” is a sentimental word given by Song Shu Dan to friends. Words […]


So poor? Of course, they also have their own basic quality of life, but the quality of life for personal needs is different. It is not that the poor do not pay attention to the quality of life. Life, personal quality, such as image, when you go out, you can change clean clothes, tidy up […]


It is close to the end of the year, and even many places in the south where snow is rarely seen are affected by heavy snow. Some people call this winter the coldest winter in history. The outdoor is ice and snow, a Looks White. Sitting in the warm room, looking at the confused world […]