Is the spring wind like scissors in February? During the Spring Festival, the warm spring breeze is really like sharp scissors, cutting the leaves of the fragrant tree in front of the door one by one. You can see that spring breeze spread across the country, which was soft and warm, making people feel comfortable. […]


From the beginning of primary school, I have never felt relaxed. I have been under great pressure all the time. Till now, these pressures and worries are still active in my life continuously. When I was in primary school, I had to finish my homework every day. I had to do formal homework at noon. […]

Yan Long

The recent essays of Yan Long are some short stories I wrote. Some old readers don’t like it. It’s just an attempt. They will update short stories occasionally in the future, and will not write directly like this. Today, I will continue to return to the essay series to talk about some personal life insights […]