xia ru

Summer is like flowers, with a wisp of breeze, listen to a cicada! I still slept soundly in the spring dream. No, it was the dense rain that caught my tired heart and the withered soul harvested by the scyck with rain. This time when I went to the countryside, I really came home. This […]


Lu Yan Ting (Jinzhou city Wei Zheng Primary School 13582369218) haven’t heard Chunlei, up to number spring rain. The days of dust and fog on February 26th and the haze flying all over the sky were so depressing that people could not breathe. Night sleep, feel more oppressed, I had dinner, discard large comfortable wooden […]


Summer is a romantic season. In this season, Cheongsam becomes a beautiful scenery in the streets and lanes. Women are originally graceful, and the embellishment of cheongsam adds a lot of bright colors to the city, which also makes the city full of elegance and tenderness. The most gentle thing is that lowered one’s head, […]


You can control yourself and the surrounding environment better and more thoroughly than ordinary people. You hate superficial and superficial things; You would rather be alone than chat with others, but your relationship with your best friend is very deep, and you pay more attention to spiritual things, this keeps your mind harmonious and comfortable. […]

On the benign

The explanation of conscience in Cihai is: in ancient times, it is called the original kindness and benevolence; Now it is called the right and wrong existing in the heart, understanding of good and evil [see Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House, August, 1980, page 1938 of Cihai]. Conscience makes us forget our grudge and hatred, and […]

Talk about”

Some people say that time is like a pig knife, killing people’s life from youth to an old man with white hair. Constantly urging people to grow old! I said, although the years have changed dramatically, people can be young. Although people’s annual rings increase and wrinkles are the majority, their mentality can keep pleasant […]

Invited King

I always want you to come, and it is best to come in autumn. Because autumn in Jiangnan has the fragrance of flowers in spring, the warmth of summer and the lingering of winter. You always like autumn. In your opinion, autumn is a colorful picture scroll. No matter in sound, color, temperament and rhyme, […]

I am

There are countless friends with floating students, among which there are also some deviants and unruly people. Naturally, there will be a few different from ordinary people. One day, after hearing his story told by a close friend, he sighed a lot because of many sighs, and because he was a comrade, so he wrote […]