It’s almost Tanabata, approaching this ancient Chinese Valentine’s Day, my heart doesn’t feel moved. Love is as poisonous as a method, and as holy as crystal. Love is a beautiful fairy tale as well as an old legend. The word love is too noble and too humble. I didn’t want to mention it, but it […]


[1] In those years, thousands of love words were written down and flowers were born; Looking back again, infinite lovesickness flowed across the world. [2] I will hire you for a lifetime, and make me have white hair. Accompany you to warm wine and make tea with me. Think, calm down on your shoulder, listen, […]


Because I work in other places, I always come and go home in a hurry every time. It’s almost eight years old. The days of gathering less and leaving more are getting used to it. There is no way. In order to live, we have to travel between the two places. Every time I leave, […]