Cold and warm

I am an introvert, I am not used to expressing my inner thoughts in the space. Occasionally, there are only a few mood words, which may bring a little bit, but I still like to bury my heart deeply. Because I have never experienced it, I don’t know how deep a person’s attachment to another […]

Military reform

Military reform and disarming are undoubtedly one of the hot topics of social concern at present and in the future. At the beginning of this year, the establishment of the Army Department, the Rocket Army and the Strategic Support Department, and the establishment of the new military commission, marked that deepening the reform of national […]


It has been several days since the beginning of winter, and the climate in the South is still warm and windy. Occasionally, a cold wind gets into the sweater. However, there was a lot of rain, which added some poetic flavor to the bleak winter. My friend sent them the scene of cedar in the […]


(2014 nian 3 yue 12 ri. I can’t sleep at night because of drinking a little. On the Internet, I have been paying close attention to the news that Malaysia Airlines lost its passenger plane, pondering deeply and pondering with imagination to write this article) the nightmare of violence and fear in Kunming has not […]


Narration is so sad and beautiful. If it is not the amazing intelligence, it is difficult for narration to be free and unrestrained; Ordinary narrators still need to lay out the ways and methods of planning articles, so as to make up their weaknesses with this skill. Of course, speaking ways and methods may still […]


A few friends followed the time very well. They came to my home one after another with pipe pliers, rhinestones and other tools used to install heating before. Several friends were quite capable. I prepared the dishes and put them on the table. The heating pipes of the four rooms and the four groups of […]


In my memory, my mother did a very good job in needlework, especially the embroidery she painted, which was far and near and a little famous. There are many kinds of shoes my mother cut, especially the Tiger-toe shoes, tiger-toe socks and tiger-head gloves which cover children’s eyes (the embroidered eyes are not convex and […]


In January of 2014, my wife and I, and of course the old people of both sides, were worried about one thing and looking forward to it. This worried expectation was continued from the only hope several years ago. My wife and I are at the same age. She is five days older than me […]