Standing at the foot of the mountain, next to the Virgin Mary Bixia shaping her body, looking at the face of the Virgin with a full moon, listening to the generous and knowledgeable senior brother telling us the familiar grateful story of the local people. The dragon with stone body circling down from the mountain […]


The moon is the brightness of my hometown, and my hometown is unforgettable. What is particularly unforgettable is the old house in my hometown, which has been haunted for countless times. Although it is a low Cottage, a dirt road and a stick, but the hard-working figure of parents is there, the old neighbor’s old […]

In this

It is said that the city of Shenzhen is full of gold everywhere. If you are willing to loosen the soil casually, you will get unexpected gains. Therefore, there was a period of time when the troops heading south rushed to the city directly like a beginning. Shenzhen, which was directly linked to beauty, was […]

Iron Mountain

In recent days, after getting up every morning, my wife and I couldn’t think of going out for a walk. Why? Because at every morning, as long as there is nothing to get up, the old Hei of our family would hit the door with his front paws like little bear paws unceremoniously, and it […]


The issue of “If you are the one” I watched last night deeply touched me again. What teacher Meng Fei did was so touching. My feeling at that time was that the heavy haze on my head was torn apart suddenly, revealing the blue and clear sky. There is warmth in the world! And I […]


At midnight, the rainstorm was still crazy, tearing the quiet night one by one, which made my heart unable to calm down any more. I opened the window and the black mixed rain came across me, my eyes were blocked by the dark night and dense rain. The small room was where I saw the […]


Time is like tea, ups and downs, floating life changes, how much love is waiting, time is like water, silent, things are different, how much love goes far, there are no flowers that will not thank, no stars that are not dark, the memory of staying in beauty is that there are no seats that […]


In the dead of night, the sound of children and the darkness gradually sank. Outside the window, there were occasionally several cicadas, dotted with the silence of the night. Finally, I can throw myself into the sofa and rest the fatigue of the day. At this time, I like to open WeChat lazily, or take […]


Life is a scene of beautiful interpretation (essay) text/Yan Yunfeng recently, he suddenly became interested in Confucianism and Buddhism. During my spare time and leisure time, I read and learned some books and materials about Zen and ancient books. All the four are empty, the Buddha is in the heart, the honor of three lives […]

The large

I have been a teacher for 24 years, and I have tasted all the ups and downs of my teaching career. Now I am still struggling and struggling on this road, and I will go to the day when my life grows old and I retire. Teachers, who are called engineers of human souls, are […]