I waited for the notice at home after the college entrance examination that year, and there was still no news near the beginning of school. I felt agitated and decadent during that period. My father didn’t blame me and encouraged me to retake the exam for one year. On the afternoon when my classmates started […]

Years Kong-style

The year is going to be worshiped. Most of the time, those relatives who have gone loose even need to pay a visit and worship in the spring of the year. In my impression, every spring in my hometown is drizzle, which drenched the ridge and path as slippery as mud. If I don’t pay […]


Yesterday, on the way to work, walking in the garden in front of the office building, there was a burst of fragrance blowing on my face, which was clove. In memory, clove is a touch of feeling and a touch of depression. In the light and long years, it is like memory, just like thoughts, […]


In the cold night, fickleness and sadness came to my heart again. I didn’t know what happened. I recalled all kinds of things in the past instantly, happy, sad, like, dislike, maybe at a certain age, I couldn’t live the life I wanted, so I suddenly wanted to go back to the past. I look […]


In July, it was so hot that I started my own trip. I thought that the job I chose would see a bright office with colleagues traveling in formal attitud. Work was like traveling. From this station to another station, then we started a new stop. I want to change my life in a city. […]


I like to stroll in the setting sun after dinner. The wind is light, the grass is green, and my heart is calm. A kind of simplicity, no hurry and no rashness; A kind of free and easy, neither supercilious nor supercilious. Open time of door, shanfanjiujian, Nano light. In the early years, I liked […]


On a sunny spring day, several schools held a sports meeting together. I was responsible for recording my scores. Many children who had been taught in my previous school came to talk to me, which made me sigh with emotion, after three years of absence, these children and boys have grown taller and stronger, and […]


When the rain hits the banana, the heart is like a clear stream. Standing in front of the window listening to the rain, silently recalling the traces of the years. The misty rain in the world of mortals was originally a bomb command room. Inscription I have heard of the rain in Jiangnan, which is […]