When I was having lunch, I found something black appeared in the bowl, and instinctively picked it up with my hands. Then I realized that there was a flickering black shadow in my right eye, which was projected into the bowl. My mother-in-law said: It may be the same as me. It is the precursor […]


In my childhood, I liked streams and played in the woods, singing freely; When I was young, I envied waterfalls, dared to take risks and jumped out of beautiful life; Now I am old, I am more fond of the Autumn Water, quiet, calm, calm, calm, with fallen leaves and scenery. 2 Venus with broken […]

Only and

I hope this winter will be warmer! Because this winter is suitable for me to think and read. I don’t know whether it is God’s favor to me or my bitter expectation; I don’t know whether God has heard my appeal or my daily prayer. In short, warm sun always follows all the way, either […]


I am a nurse, but also an ordinary woman. Although nurse is a very tired job with low social status, I still have no regrets. From the ignorance at the beginning to the ups and downs now, it seems that I am a tenacious grass. After the birth of spring and the growth of summer, […]

Were tampered

On a drizzle dusk, I held an umbrella and strolled. The lilacs in the third middle school yard were blooming brightly, and the rainy street was lonely, standing quietly, with the fragrance of flowers and the cool air. I suddenly feel that this world is so beautiful. We are in it and have been gently […]


I have been to Tibet more than ten years ago. The scenery I saw and the feelings I experienced during this period are Still Unforgettable. For me, this is a journey, and it is also a grazing of my soul in the pure land. I have heard for a long time that Tibet is a […]


There had never been such a strong desire, crazy and desperately trying to catch any foreign object that could be attached to, but there were still just a sparse crowd on the 06:45 Beijing subway. The heavy backpack on my shoulder at ordinary times has been torn by me and dropped in a corner. I […]

Heart Rain

People who have been in Guangzhou for a long time should have a special feeling for rain, and I, one of these people, turned around and looked out of the window to see more and more light rain. I think so. I have never been a ruthless person, but it is rare for me to […]


In the evening, I received a call from a male classmate and even a colleague and friend. He hurried to his side. Listen to what he said in silence. He said that the welfare house of the unit was about to be built, and the list of the row houses extended from one end to […]


After thinking for a long time, I wanted to write another article about bamboo, but I didn’t know how to write it, so I decided to search the prose about bamboo on the Internet and click the search content, “Random Thoughts of bamboo inside and outside the wall” popped up on the website. I looked […]