Although my mother is illiterate, I think she is an artist, at least in my eyes. When I was young, the living conditions in rural areas were not very good, but my ingenious mother always tried to deal with it. She managed the dressing and eating of the whole family, which was quite reasonable. In […]

Most is

When dealing with books, I almost became a drug addict of books. I have written an essay called “book Fool”, which describes my obsession with books and my obsession with books. Indeed, books are my best friends in my life. With books, my life will not be lonely. I usually work as a Chinese teacher […]


Spring is coming, and the spring color is also flooding! If spring is installed in people’s hearts, wouldn’t it be better! Then, people’s mood is as warm as spring, and life will also become happy! It is a pity that the mood in the past was so pale and desolate, just like the ice and […]


Who has ever said that life is a pure white open space, and lonely people wander repeatedly. On this piece of pure white, I cried and laughed, and understood the so-called truth in the world little by little. When life finally went away with flashy, I finally got peace. If, there has never been me […]


After working freely for several months, I had to go back home to rest. Sometimes, when thinking about it, I felt really heavy and irritable, so I was not willing to pull down some messy things. In recent days, I always want to calm down and concentrate on sorting out something that belongs to my […]


The peaceful kingdom was broken because of abundant people, abundant materials and greed. The scale of exploitation began from Nuwa to supplement the heaven for the people, Shennong to plant grains for the people, to Adam, the ancestor, to touch the ring and reproduce, noah’s Ark saved the people. The whole kingdom was quiet inside, […]

And hidden

When mentioning hermit, you will think of the fisherman written by Liu Zongyuan. Thousands of mountains and birds fly away, and thousands of paths are gone. Boat suo li weng, fishing alone trees and snow. The fishing of hermit doesn’t care about fish, and the snow of cold river can also catch all kinds of […]


There are two kinds of dharma. People who enter the world are the world of mortals. The world of mortals is rolling. In the city, there are all the world of mortals. The capital of Tang Dynasty is Xi’an, and the transportation means are Carriages. Red soil in the North, what I saw in the […]

Years Kong-style

My hometown is like a gas station. When I am physically and mentally exhausted, I always want to stop and rely on it to save the power to travel again. My hometown is like a bosom friend whom I haven’t met for a long time. When I am full of joy, I always want to […]


I thank God for his favor. I know that although I have experienced a lot, I am still lucky in general, but the pressure and happiness brought by this kind of luck are superficial. I can’t really be happy. What age brings me is not growing up, but learning to hide, show people with cold […]