A only

After a day’s rest, I turned off the phone. There were invitations yesterday noon and evening, so I quit unconsciously. However, it is time to quit the drinking in the past week. Once you have a rest, you will accompany your family. I cooked a meal at noon, and made it better at night. I […]


Wandering in the mess, waiting in the noise, burning the sadness wasted by time and pouring down the frustration of the road. I once lingered in my dream. Boundless ancient roads, vast seas, boundless deserts and vast grasslands. The flute is melodious, the piano is mournful, the sword spirit is heroic, and the knife wind […]

To sprinkle

Summer, in this way, the water in my body was evaporated and my mind was extracted from the characters. I was like a withered grass, separated from the support and lost the spirituality. These two days, I felt a little flustered and bored. I felt uncomfortable when I saw anything and was upset when listening […]


I saw a photograph in the Naiman restaurant in this city, my hometown town, daqintala town under the night. Although the scenery was bright and glorious, I searched for it, but I didn’t find any shadow of the past. In that quiet night, I dreamed of the small town of my hometown, which was called […]


When you are in a bad mood, go out and walk aimlessly without anyone’s company. Only one person walks quietly. You can walk as fast as you want. You can walk as far as you want. I can’t see the traffic around me clearly. I am addicted to a person’s world. I can think about […]

Spring rain

In the spring of this year, the spring rains one after another came quite timely, but the feeling that gave me was not happy, not warm, not to mention the feeling that the spring rain was as expensive as oil. The trickle spring rain is like sobbing and complaining, tangling my heart, like falling into […]


Many people say that the older you are, the more addicted you are to recalling the past. With the coming of Laba Festival, a song I sang while dancing rubber bands with my little sisters when I was a child. Don’t be greedy for your wife. After Laba is the year. With childlike tone, I […]


Farewell! My 2014 stood at the ferry at the end of the year. I waved my hand gently and said reluctantly: Goodbye! My 2014! Looking back on the past, the boundless clouds and water. This year, I experienced ups and downs, seclusion and darkness, ups and downs. Once the sea changed; Once tears streaming down […]


Although an interesting story in school has reached a certain age, it will become much indifferent to what I have met and seen in front of my eyes. Besides, I am also a person with great thoughts, I could have seen more light clouds and breeze. However, I still have some feelings about what happened […]


I once saw the book “understand life” in my friend’s place, but I didn’t put it down when I picked it up. The content in the book was reasonable with examples, the words were simple and plain, and things were like in my ears, but the truth was profound and true. After reading it, it […]