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If you don’t take books, how can you feel angry? Panic very. You know, when waiting, even five minutes is like endless long. Besides, the time of this meeting has never been accurate. Sometimes, it takes two or three hours, but it can’t be finished. The leaders all seemed to like to speak very much. […]

wu yue

I always don’t like the bustle. During the May Day holiday, my friends climbed mountains and played with water, but I stayed at home alone. One morning, I planted the vegetable seeds I bought online in my own flowerpot, which were just some old flowerpots and some empty plastic pots. According to the method learned […]


It was the night when the breeze gently rippled. On the Blue Lake, the tiny steps broke the ripples. The hazy past life gently wandered in the misty world of mortals, wandering in the shallow intersection where you were always there. Then do you still remember the moonlight that I accompanied you that night, and […]


Leaving memories over the years, I have formed the habit of sending a real letter to my family every time I go there. Envelopes are usually used in the hotels where they live. Fortunately, the current hotels generally have envelopes marked with the name of the hotel for passengers to use. If the hotel does […]

You is

If words are like sheep, you are a shepherd. Blue sky and white clouds, you will graze your beloved sheep on the vast grassland. Sheep are flowing like clouds. Your thoughts travel in the blue sky with floating clouds. All the troubles in the world are poured into the sky, turning into the realm of […]


Due to the congenital allergy, I almost rejected all the strong smells in nature, and gradually got used to slowing down and fading down, making everything around fade down, I gradually get used to enjoying the faint loneliness and the faint fragrance of loneliness. I naturally understand that the fragrance of all kinds of spring […]


Drunk, hazy; Wake up, A Dream of Spring. When I was drunk and woke up, I remembered those sunglow-filled mornings in my life and the bleak dusk of cold rain. In the blink of an eye, the spring flowers turn into autumn flowers, and the streamer flies away, and will return to the starting point […]


In the long time, people have no smooth fate or happy life in the long journey of life. Time is fair to anyone and ruthless to anyone. The harsh real life is not a pool of calm fresh water, but a boiling sea with surging waves, and its taste also contains ups and downs. If […]

Take in

Why do you want to write this article? I am made for love. Today, I just saw the news of the death of Yao Zhenhan, a famous writer. It has been more than four months since his death, and I am still very sad. Because I am his enthusiastic readers, I like his writing style […]