You is

In Grade 9, he and I were divided into the same class. At that time, he sat behind me and we were divided into the same group. There are four girls and two boys in our group. Every time it was our turn to work together, these two boys would be lazy. Their reason was […]


People say that the lotus flowers in summer stand gracefully in the pond, leaving its beauty alone. It brings comfort to visitors! People all envy! I think, I also have distinctive features, why not bloom my unique beauty? Lotus flowers are out of the silt without being dyed, while I am in the noisy streets, […]

Old books

In the winter vacation, there is neither snow floating in the north nor tea fragrance in the snowy night; In this place where there is a sea, it can be accompanied by the chill of warm winter and friends with the pile of old paper, looking for the spring, Xia Yang and Qiu Shi scattered […]

Drink a

The first blooming petals flick down the hair, lingering at the gentle fingertips. The spring has already turned the branches Green, dancing in the sunshine with a piece of bright. In the soft spring light, the beauty of spring is lightly displayed, singing the green grass in the deep of the cold dawn. The sunny […]


Walking into the deep heart, because heart is the soul and essence of human beings, which can make you succeed or fail. It will teach you how to be a real person. The ancients said that at the beginning of human life, the nature was good, and every child was born with a blank sheet […]


In the past, I always liked to use this topic when writing things. The reason was very simple, because I couldn’t think of a better topic to replace it, so I was lazy, to say, the reason why I first used it was that I saw Li Shangyin wrote a lot of untitled poems. Although […]


If giving is a kind of happiness, why be stingy? My attitude towards network friends is: I am intersecting with you, as light as water. \network is like a mirror, which can clearly reflect you and me in reality. It is said that the Internet is virtual, but I think it is real. I always […]


It is a custom that comes from returning to my mother’s home to send the new year. On Lunar December 27, it was nearly noon before she called her daughter to set foot on the road back to her mother’s home. Although the solar term has already begun in spring, it has no meaning of […]


Buddhism says: Only by looking back for 500 times can we pass by in this life. Then, how many times of praying and looking back can we exchange for mutual dependence and companionship? Accompanying is a kind of fate; Keeping together is a warmth. No matter the edge is deep or shallow, do it and […]


In January of 2014, my wife and I, and of course the old people of both sides, were worried about one thing and looking forward to it. This worried expectation was continued from the only hope several years ago. My wife and I are at the same age. She is five days older than me […]