When you feel depressed, you might as well take a look at articles such as Mr. Wang Meng’s serenity. Maybe under various circumstances, such articles have already been read well,, if you read the works that touch each other in different situations, the understanding of the works will be different. This kind of reading method […]


On a sunny spring day, several schools held a sports meeting together. I was responsible for recording my scores. Many children who had been taught in my previous school came to talk to me, which made me sigh with emotion, after three years of absence, these children and boys have grown taller and stronger, and […]


Yesterday, a colleague of the unit called to say that a new policy was issued for family planning. Retired cadres and workers who gave birth to an only child could enjoy a subsidy of 80 yuan per month, asking me to bring the only child certificate, retirement certificate, identity card, two one-inch Short-shot photos go […]


I haven’t touched the hands of spring for a long time. I haven’t touched the hands of spring for a long time. I feel a little tired this winter! I have said that flowering is very tired, and I withered many flowers in spring; I have said that fallen leaves are very tired, and I […]


Summer actually appeared. Yesterday evening, I walked on the bridge hand in hand with my husband. A wisp of wind came from the river, cool and refreshing. I stopped and was reluctant to leave. In fact, it was also good to blow the wind on this beautiful summer evening. It was a pleasure to live […]


I know little about Ningxia, mainly from the introduction of a girl. She is a native of Ningxia. In 2004, because of work, he stayed in the strange land of Peng’an. She was dressed simply and rustic like a peasant woman who had not gone far away. She looks so ordinary that it is easy […]


The Haunted south of the Yangtze River is like the beauty in the ancient lady’s painting, with decent clothes, graceful and graceful walking down from the painting, holding a high bun, slender eyebrows, slightly open apricot eyes, a classical and elegant flavor, let people linger. Long and dark alleys, jade stone railings, fresh water-like atmosphere, […]


No matter how strong a person is, there will be a fragile side in her heart, let alone a person who is not very strong in her heart. Although sometimes she is a little confused and a little slow to respond, but after a long time, you will find something. People are hard to be […]


If not words accompany me, my life will be dim and colorless; If not words warm me, my life will be indifferent and helpless. It is words that awaken the spring of my life; It is words that arouse the tide of my life. Since then, there has been color in life and warmth in […]


June was originally a blooming summer with red flowers and green grass. Why is the Yangtze River sobbing? Rainy but the sky is sad? What is the reason of a ship with more than 400 people suddenly turning over? Why the first time was not to send out a signal for help, but the captain’s […]