Heaven is on Earth blue sea heaven is on Earth, why do you have to dream deliberately? Why do you have to pursue it deliberately? Sometimes heaven is floating in front of your eyes, floating around you and slipping away between your fingers. Earth, this beautiful planet, when astronauts saw this planet with glittering blue […]


The beating heart can’t restrain the lingering feelings always lingering in my mind, waving a wave and not waving the melancholy in my heart, so I always want to read the stars in the dead of night, so I hope to remember my mind in the grid. Take it away quietly and pray for a […]


That night, when the night wind kissed the dormitory, the glittering purple bells in front of the window rang. She couldn’t help thinking of the happiness that the shy little boy had never had. It flowed quietly in the bottom of her heart. She talked about several boyfriends in the factory, all of which ended […]


When the stomach signals hunger, we will feed it food; When the soul signals hunger, we will also look for spiritual food to nourish it. Maybe it’s just a painting, maybe it’s just a small piece of sunshine, maybe it’s just a hint of green in winter, maybe it’s just an ancient poem. After reading, […]

I would like

Twilight quietly came to this land, enchanting a misty blue. The swaying shadow of the tree gradually merged with the Earth. The water in the flowing water was calm and let the boat sing late. The Two paddles made ripples layer by layer, rippling with light, the melodious flute brought a long-lost peace. The vigorous […]


The so-called: Silence is not lonely, not whether there are people around, but whether there are people in your heart! If you fall into a brief gentle sink, it is actually very terrible. I am very grateful to everyone who appears in my life journey. I am grateful to those who care about me, love […]


To be honest, most of the time, living is not for yourself. The reason why I live happily is that my parents are working hard. When I entered the youth, I was a little confused when I was alive, but there was a kind of responsibility in the confusion. This kind of vague responsibility was […]


Peach blossom is not rare; Snow is not rare either. However, it is very strange that peach blossom meets snow. In the morning, I opened the window and suddenly found that the Elm money outside the window was half covered by snow. In the emerald green, it is more crystal clear. Grain Rain, spring, is […]


The weather was cold on 12.6. Early in the morning, take bus No. 30 to go to Hefei from Feixi County. Inside the car, the air conditioner was warm, just like the feeling of spring; Outside the window, there was white light on the cold and condensed Road, and a cleaner wearing a yellow coat […]


Autumn always gives people the same feeling as spring. The Steps of spring are light, just like a young girl in the beginning of love, gentle and shy. Snowflakes flying all over the sky knock at the door of spring, the silent drizzle, bathing in all things, revived, birds singing together, flowers blooming, picturesque, beautiful. […]