But now I have no good impression on the city life I yearned for in the past, and even have some hatred. There are many tall buildings, heavy traffic, neon lights and shops, which symbolize the abundance of materials and the progress of society. People also seem to be enjoying full happiness. In fact, otherwise, […]


Although is the winter season, but recent weather did not seem cold winter-like, more or like autumn-like weather, sometimes very cold, but often quite hot. For new always count, year really to passed. 12 yue 31 ri, we to write about 12 yue fen of my month, festival hasn’t arrived, so years behind us write. […]

With Jia

S 1980s medium-term, northwest this loess in has gestated lots of writers, in the country formed a wind called xi feng lie, Jia Pingwa is xi feng lie in FY writer, and was already is very famous. I was as a Republic military, stationed in Xi’an, Chang ‘an, Lantian, Zhouzhi, Geng tongkuangyu and Shaanxi Guanzhong,, […]

Sitting alone

Sitting alone in the late autumn, holding your head high, the sky is flowing like clouds, no longer rolling like tide; Lowering your head, the river valley is flowing like a gentle girl; Staring at the mountains, covered with a layer of faint hazy; Looking back at the years, people are drifting and. Sitting alone […]