The River of Time is rippling, the willow branches on the riverside float with memory, the air is filled with the fragrance of osmanthus, facing the river bank, facing the life near the Sunset, facing the scenery passing all the way and the road extending under the feet, unwittingly, the rising and falling of the […]

Bone end

After a rain, the originally depressed air had a fresh feeling. At this time, sitting alone in the small room, listening to the shouting outside when drinking, tranquility is established in comparison. Outside the window is the courtyard where the landlord is located. In the past, there were still people coming in and out because […]


The Old Man and the cat appeared in front of the office building almost at the same time in the spring of that year. The black fur was draped, and the skinny bones were lonely, and the eyes of seeing people were dodging. The voice was low, pitiful. The cat squatted cautiously at the entrance […]