When people reach a certain age, there is inevitably some nostalgia. Especially in our generation, when dealing with students every day, we can always find the shadow of yesterday from them. In a flash, I found that my youth had already faded away, forgetting that I was getting older day by day. When I met […]

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Every time I read Ma Zhiyuan’s poem “Tianjing Sha Qiu Si”, I couldn’t help thinking of the Brook at the gate of my hometown, which treasured too many past memories of my childhood, after twenty or thirty years, the Brook has already become a vast pool of water, and the past has also become my […]

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This is the first rain that has fallen here since entering spring, so it makes people feel particularly precious. When we met for the first time, the spring rain was still like this, ticking and singing the melody of early spring. Light rain didn’t last too long, but it still moistened our mood of Spring […]