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I am looking for your breath along the way, but I forget that you are already gone. Beating horses across the grassland, never picking a petal, but stealing your fragrance all the way. I want to use the time of a song to forget everything, but forget my seven-second memory without fish. It is said […]


When I say work, it is just a mentality. Maybe many people don’t think so. Maybe many people think that work depends on ability, skill and technology. But I still think that work is just a mentality. In our work, because of the functions of the company, many positions are divided, such as sales, planning, […]

Owe You

On the new semester, the head teacher arranged him to sit at a table with her. No one expected that she patted the table, suddenly stood up and said angrily: I won’t sit at the same table with him. Ask what? The head teacher asked directly. She tilted her head to one side, snorted in […]


Famous teachers were mentioned more or less by teachers when they were in school. However, the concept of ideology was not credible. Mr. Feng Youlan pointed out in the analysis of famous religions that famous religions are the religions that worship nouns. I think the right religion is the religion of worshipping nouns. I always […]


It was a light Season. My friend called and said, “find a corner to filter our mood, so we walked into Zeya. I am grateful to God for giving life the texture of spring and white snow, and I still yearn for loneliness and tranquility in the noisy and contentious world. Although the world of […]