Heart cold

After having lunch, I had nothing to do. I wandered around the Internet with my mobile phone and watched all kinds of anecdotes and entertainment gossip, suddenly I saw an article about migrant workers and college students, whose content was the comparison between them. After reading it, I thought it was good, so I decided […]

Slightly cold

The warm and cold days are filled with the slight coldness of early spring; The world of sunny snow is transmitting the clear, thin and cool artistic conception. A long-lost breath flows out from the bottom of my heart inadvertently, carrying a little warm, A little cold, involving the germination of heart in early spring. […]


Time is like running water, and I will never go back. No matter how you sigh and sigh, time will not stop step by step because of pity. The calendar on the wall of the room is dyed with scenery of four seasons, carrying every minute and every second, counting the days day by day […]


Don’t worry a long-lost heavy rain dampened out the hot summer day. People can finally walk out of the steamer-like house to enjoy the cozy coolness and the smile on their faces, it’s just like finishing a big event in life that breaks people’s heart, but with the piety like being grateful to God. Taiyuan […]


Tintin went to the reunion and heard that her wonderful life started from the first reunion. My dad was also invited to participate in the second reunion. I heard that this time was particularly wonderful. At that time, there were few students, people of the same grade gathered together, and many teachers who had settled […]


When people reach middle age, the past events are played back in their minds like movies. Some people say that recalling the past is a manifestation of aging; Others say that recalling is the dissatisfaction with the current life and the beautiful memory of the past; I think recalling the past is the enjoyment of […]