Life is like a pot of wine, the more mellow the taste of Yue pin; Life is like a cup of tea, the more delicious the taste of Yue pin; Life is like a picture, the more beautiful the picture of Yue pin is like a fairyland! In one’s life, there are many ups and […]


In the spring two years ago, I came to Langzhong, which I had never heard of before. In the spring one year ago, I dared to write down my feelings about Langzhong for the first time. This year, it was another spring. After I tasted all the tastes of life, I finally got my wish […]


When I was very young, I had to invite my master to build a house at that time. Every time I invited them, our family always had delicious food, and I heard from my father that, their wages were all expensive for others, so I knew at that time. You must have a skill, so […]