Alone in the south of the Yangtze River, alone in the moonlight when lonely, leisurely, intoxicated by the Jiangnan moon. After the moon in the south of the Yangtze River was like rain, a white lotus first appeared among the lotus leaves in the pond, which was so pure that people gave birth to a […]

Large self-

The relationship between human beings and nature is just like that between children and mothers. Nature is the mother of human beings. Nature, the great and magical mother, has created everything in the world with her superb wisdom and ability, but human beings are only a part of it. In the childhood of human beings, […]

The period

I woke up every morning and had the habit of browsing Tencent News. Today, a piece of news in Tencent Financial News immediately caught my attention, whose title was “the legend of futures, Happy Liu Qiang, committed suicide”. I am not a person who devotes myself to finance and knows nothing about all the legendary […]


As time flies, a monsoon light is fleeting. In a hurry, the years flow far away. Deep in my memory, there are traces that have never been erased, such as the mottled shadows shining on my body through the cracks of leaves. Each piece of light and shadow has its own merits, with different forms […]


I traveled all over the hills and rivers, villages and fields, looking in the woods and calling in the valleys. There were my footprints, but there was no me anywhere. I am lost in the path of the world, and I can’t find myself again. I sat under an old Zhangshu on the hillside and […]


(1) I like the night, the quietness, leisure and distance of that night, and the winter night is more permeated with deep warmth. Winter is coming, the vegetation is withered, the Earth is in depression, and the air is cold and dry. Winter Night Market deserted, night market snub. Because of the Depression and cold […]


The new year is always coming with calm steps. But why do I always feel that it is a naughty child, stealing the years without admitting, so that there is no 365 days in a year. The desk calendar on the desk was swiped to the last page. With the faint fragrance of wintersweet in […]


I remember a text I learned when I was in primary school, “Never forget to dig a well”. Although I didn’t know the word gratitude at that time. But not only do teachers educate us: to be a person, you should know your kindness and pay attention to the source. If you receive the favor […]