People say that the lotus flowers in summer stand gracefully in the pond, leaving its beauty alone. It brings comfort to visitors! People all envy! I think, I also have distinctive features, why not bloom my unique beauty? Lotus flowers are out of the silt without being dyed, while I am in the noisy streets, […]

Winter storage

Now is the modern life, which is the era of fast food, but I still like those old traditional life customs, such as winter storage. The past years were still fresh in my memory. The winter at that time was very full. I remembered that when the Chinese cabbage just came down in late autumn, […]


My friend called for a day, but the conversation about education with him was still in my mind, thinking over and over again. I originally wanted my friend to write an preface for the booklet that I recorded the growth of my child. My friend was a serious person and did not rush to write, […]