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It was more than 30 years ago that I first met diary, and it was 25 years ago that I really loved to write diary. This was due to the car accident of my younger brother 25 years ago, not that car accident, not because of the misunderstanding of a female classmate and then had […]


Are you okay? Are you okay with the person I care about? I really miss you for those who have traveled with me for a short time. Are you okay? Is there still my shadow in your life? Will you ever think of me in your future road? Thank you for accompanying me. I really […]


It is another New Year, New Year’s Day, sunny day, everything seems so peaceful, good years must have a good omen, such a good time, but I like to lie on the bed lazily and watch variety shows, I can feel the wonderful joy of talking about gods. As time passes by, I also have […]